Dr Vidya Bandodkar

Chemistry Teacher

Dr. B has 20+ years experience teaching Chemistry both in Australia and in USA.

She is a well respected subject expert with many years of experience teaching high achieving students from the top selective and private schools in NSW, alongside mentoring other teachers.

As the mother of a 4x state-ranking, 99.95 ATAR achieving student, she knows what is needed for students to succeed!

Chris Hickman

Chemistry Teacher

An expert teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience and HSC Chemistry Marking Experience.

Chris has had multiple ex-students attain first place in HSC Chemistry for the entire Sydney Archdiocese.

Chris loves seeing students who have the desire to do well get the marks that they deserve.

Chris Williams

Owner and Physics Teacher

With over 15 years teaching experience in HSC Physics & Chemistry, Chris possesses unparalleled knowledge and communication skills.

Combined with being a HSC Examination Marker, he is aware of many tips and tricks which can help his students succeed.

Chris believes that understanding his students is key to his success as a teacher.

Winston Huang

Chemistry Teacher

4 Years of tutoring experience. Winston was Dux of James Ruse, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 and a HSC Mark of 98 in Chemistry. Winston believes in building a collaborative and relaxed environment that teaches purposeful dedication over directionless hard work. Winston is currently studying Medicine at UNSW.