Winston is the best best best for Chem tutoring! His booklets are jampacked with great explanations and examples, he makes practice trials with a whole range of questions, and, above all, genuinely cares for his students, and is always there to provide personal support!

Rama Emad

Winston’s a passionate tutor who is able to explain and teach Chemistry to an extremely high standard, while providing guidance along the way to bring the best out of his students.

Benson LamJames Ruse Agricultural High School

Winston is a really great tutor! In addition to knowing his stuff well, he is patient, supportive and makes it easy to ask questions. The lessons are very engaging so you never get bored or lose focus, and therefore effective for learning both content and good exam technique. Tbh the best tutor I’ve had.

Sathmi RanasingheJames Ruse Agricultural High School | HSC Chemistry: 93 (Exam Mark: 97)

Winston not only helps the students to cover the weakness from any module but also provides outstanding resources. As a student who could not find any merit from science, I can say my science marks and ranks(also a bit of interest) have improved dramatically since having lessons with him. 

Justin KimEpping Boys

Winston is an amazing tutor that has very deep knowledge in the chemical ideas relevant to the new syllabus. I definitely recommend his services as I would not have made it this far in my HSC learning without his help and guidance.

Halima El-ZahabAl Amanah College | Rank 1 Chemistry | HSC Mark: 92

Every week I travel approximately 2.5 hours (to and from) to get taught by Chris because he is just that good.

Chris is able to clearly explain difficult physics concepts in class and he also took the time to help me refine my answers to past HSC questions – something that tremendously improved my ranks at school. 

Xin ChenGirraween HS | ATAR: 99.35 | HSC Physics: 93 (Exam Mark: 94)

Simply amazing.  Never stopped helping. The way he teaches concepts and focuses on examination technique was what enabled me to state rank in HSC Physics.

Yonas TibebuGlenwood High School | HSC Physics: 98 (Exam mark: 99) | 7th in State

Thank you so much for being such an awesome physics tutor!

I could not have done it without your help, so thank you so much!

Vincent RuanNBSC, Manly Campus | ATAR: 99.50 | HSC Physics: 95

Truly a fantastic teacher. He knows the ins and outs of the course better than anyone and his passion for teaching really translates, everyone in my class enjoyed his lessons.

The best tutor you will find. Enough said.

Rohan GuptaBaulkham Hills High School | ATAR: 99.95 | HSC Physics: 96

I personally found Chris to be the most helpful tutor I had ever been in contact with, not only are his notes great and his teaching essentially perfect but more importantly he’s just a awesome and friendly guy who makes lessons 110% interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

Andrew LeeBaulkham Hills High School | ATAR: 99.95 | HSC Physics: 96